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Does your mind go blank during conversations?

If so, this course is FOR YOU! 

You'll learn how to Speak Freely and feel confident in conversation. You can finally stop worrying about what to say next and avoid those dreaded awkward silences. 

Imagine talking to anyone naturally, flowing smoothly from one topic to the next.

It's time to connect with more people, rock job interviews, and make this year full of fun and opportunities. 

Inside you'll get 4+ hours of video and learn:

-Why your mind goes blank
-They key to conversation confidence
-The magic trick that the "naturals" use 
-A five-minute exercise for spontaneity 
-How to never run out of things to say
-How to talk about yourself and tell great stories (even if you're boring)
-Four failproof icebreakers to start conversations with anyone  
-Go-to topics for any situation 
-Keep updated on current events and pop culture so you never feel clueless 

    You'll also get these exclusive bonuses:

    -BONUS #1: How To Join & Enjoy Group Conversations with Jeff Callahan 
    -BONUS #2: Connect With All 4 Personality Types with Paul Peixoto

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