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HI, I'M DAN :-)

If you're shy I know how you feel.

I grew up as one of those "naturally shy" kids. Every year during those parent-teacher meetings I would hear the same thing: "Daniel needs to speak up."

I was actually fine with it until 9 years ago...

So I graduated college and got my first job (yay!)

That's when all of my social skills, or lack thereof, became quite apparent. I had to talk to new people every day...

And I was TERRIBLE at it! Guess what my boss told me?

"...Daniel needs to speak up."

It was like 6th grade all over again. After years of hiding, I was fed up. I realized I need to figure this out.

Here's why: This was hurting my success in a huge way.


Like the good INFJ that I am, I started researching. I committed myself to learning it. I read books and observed "naturals" like my boss.

Like any other skill, I practiced and improved.

After 9 years of hard work, I am proud to say I can start talking with anyone without feeling nervous or intimidated, and have a pleasant, easy-going conversation, and actually enjoy it :-)

I've been able to meet tons of new friends and even improve my performance at work.


The reason I started this site is because I want to help you.

If you ever...
  • Feel nervous/awkward/self-conscious around new people
  • Run out of things to say and are afraid of boring others
  • Feel misunderstood around others
  • Missed opportunities in life because of shyness
...I can help.

Listen, I'm just a regular guy. I'm not special. I'm not talented. I'm just obsessed with learning this stuff.

I want to free you from fear and awkwardness.

And this isn't your typical advice like "smile", "be confident" or "think positive."

I cut out the fluff and gives you simple, practical lessons based on science and tested in the real-world.

Just click the happy red button below to get started.