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This course is for shy people who struggle with making connections. If you can hold basic conversations but still get stuck trying to go deeper, this course is for you.

If you ever...

-Feel nervous/awkward/self-conscious around new people
-Run out of things to say and are afraid of boring others
-Feel misunderstood around others
-Missed opportunities in life because of shyness

    ...Meaningful Small Talk can help you.

    Inside you'll get 6+ hours of video and learn how to: 

    -Uncover the secret power of small talk
    -Map out your daily opportunities to meet new people
    -Stop boredom and nervousness around people 
    -Build the foundation for great conversations
    -Easily start talking to anyone using fail-proof openers
    -Make people feel good and want to continue
    -Become more talkative with an easy 5-minute exercise
    -Connect with strangers even if you have nothing in common
    -Deepen conversations and transform small talk from mundane to meaningful
    -Have awesome responses no matter the topic
    -Openly share your own opinions and feelings with a fill-in-the-blank formula
    -Exit gracefully and leave people wanting more
    -Never run out of things to say
    -Transition between topics seamlessly
    -Create instant inside jokes with a surprisingly simple trick
      You'll also get these special bonuses
      -BONUS #1 Small Talk Fundamentals with Daniel Wendler 
      -BONUS #2 Unforgettable First Impressions with Charlie Houpert 
      -BONUS #3 Conversation Igniters with Michaela Chung
      -BONUS #4 Keys to Natural Magnetism with Aziz Gazipura 
      -BONUS #5 Personal Coaching Calls with Dan Chang 
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