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LIVE WEBINAR With Dan Chang and Jeff Callahan...
How To Join & Enjoy Group Conversations

Thursday, October 20th

5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern
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Your Host: Dan Chang

Former shy guy and founder of The Friend Formula. Dan's passion is empowering shy people to talk to anyone and make new friends.

Special Guest:
Jeff Callahan

Jeff is the founder of Become More Compelling, he helps professional, driven people sharpen their charisma, leadership, and persuasion skills so that they can have more compelling careers, relationships, and social lives.
What You're Going To Learn
  • The +10% rule: How to always be accepted into a new group and never accidentally kill the vibe
  • ​How to systematically destroy your fear of approaching people using Conversational Muscle Memory
  • You don't have to carry the conversation, do these two simple things instead
  • How to jump into a conversation that has no opening (With word-for-word scripts)
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