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Start Enjoying Small Talk
  • Uncover the power of small talk
  • Stop boredom and blanking out
  • Overcome nervousness around people

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About the Course
Do you hate small talk?

As a former shy guy, so did I.

I would avoid certain places and people just to NOT small talk.

But after years of hiding, I realized this was hurting my success in a huge way. So I decided to figure it out.

Over the past 9 years I've spent thousands of hours (and dollars) learning from books, experts, psychology studies, and real-world tests of my own. One of the biggest things I realized is that small talk does big things.

And in this FREE course, I'll show you what I've learned. You'll learn how to overcome boredom and nervousness, the two biggest challenges with small talk, so that you can start making friends. Whether it's at the office, weddings, or just waiting in line for the bus.

And this isn't your typical advice.

I cut out the fluff and gives you simple, practical, video lessons based on science and tested in the real-world.

What You'll Get
Small Talk Does Big Things
How to Stop Boredom
How to Stop Nervousness
Your Instructor
Hi, I'm Dan.

My passion is empowering shy people to talk to anyone and make new friends. I'm excited you're here and I want to teach you how to overcome the things that are holding you back.

- Dan Chang, former shy guy, founder of The Friend Formula
Who is this course for?
If you feel nervous around new people and get stuck in your head, this course is perfect for you.
You'll especially love it if you tend to analyze and understand things before doing them.
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